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Javier Monge (Cádiz, 1979) and Héctor Salcedo (Cáceres, 1982) architects from the Seville School of Architecture, established the architecture office studio swes architects in 2012, after collaborating with Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos in Seville.

The wide professional training and experience through years of collaboration with renowned architects allows us to establish a high professional profile, where investigation and commitment with contemporary architectural practice launch widely internationally recognized results.

Principal Architects
Javier Monge Fernández
Héctor Salcedo García

Collaborators since 2012
Mariem Rodríguez (partner 2012-15)
Alejandro Álvarez
Gaspar Fernández
Jose Rodríguez
Jose Corbacho

Prizes and awards
2021 FIRST PRIZE. Europan 16 Alzira (Spain)
2018 THIRD PRIZE. Refurbishment Palacio Cortiguera, Santander (Spain)
2017 ACCESIT. Enrique Blas Sport Centre, Collado Villalba (Spain)
2016 HIGHLIGHTED. New School of Architecture, Aarhus (Denmark)
2015 FIRST PRIZE. Tourist Information Rathausmarkt, Hamburg (Germany)
2013 SPECIAL MENTION. Europan 12 Graz (Austria)
2013 FIRST PRIZE. New Town Hall in Denklingen (Germany)
2011 SECOND PRIZE. Europan 11 San Bartolomé (Spain)

Books and magazines
2016 Europan 12 Graz. Catalogue E12-E13 Austria.
2014 Europan 12 Graz. Catalogue E12 España, Europan 12 Results Catalogue: the adaptable city 1

2019 Housing complex in Carcavelos.  Beta Architecture
2019 Nursery School in Lattecaldo.  Beta Architecture
2017 Enrique Blas Sport Centre. Afasia, Beta Architecture
2017 Casa dos Almeida  Beta Architecture, Divisare
2017 New Aarhus School of Architecture. Beta Architecture, Divisare
2016 Tourist Information Rathausmarkt. Plataforma Arquitectura, Divisare, Beta Architecture
2014 Arnsberg. Beta Architecture
2014 Europan 12 Graz. Divisare, Wettbewerbe Architektur Journal
2013 Denklingen. Beta Architecture, Baunetz, Competitionline, Divisare, Plataforma Arquitectura
2013 Sancti-Petri. Accésit
2013 Lindenhof. Baunetz

2019 Competition “Housing complex in Carcavelos”. Blackbox, Cultural Center in Cascais (Portugal)
2019  Competition “Funeral Chapel in Barrancos”. Cinema-Theatre in Barrancos (Portugal)
2019 Competition “Funeral Chapel in Barrancos” (25 best proposals). Town hall in Barrancos (Portugal)
2019 Competition “Nursery School in Lattecaldo”.  School Center in Lattecaldo, Breggia (Switzerland)
2017 Competition “Enrique Blas Sport Centre”. Collado Villalba (Spain)
2016 Competition "New School of Architecture". Aarhus (Denmark)
2014 Europan 12 España. Barcelona (Spain)
2014 Europan 12 Austria. Graz (Austria)
2014 Procesos arquitectónicos. Madrid (Spain)
2014 Europan 12 Austria. Amstetten (Austria)
2013 Competiton "Neubau Rathaus". Denklingen (Germany)
2013 Competition "Wohngebiet Bierstadt-Nord". Wiesbaden (Germany)

2013 Entre ciudades. Arquitecturas de la vivienda. ETSA Sevilla.
2021 De Arquitectura. ETSA Sevilla